Random Hate: US Propaganda against Wikileaks.

Alright, so if you have read my previous post, I talk about Wikileaks and the embassy cables that are being leaked. The United States government is fighting a fierce propaganda campaign against Wikileaks now.

I was watching CNN this morning, and there was a White House press conference where they condemned Wikileaks publicly for putting lives at jeopardy, and sabotaging relations with other nations.

What a load of bullshit. The smell of propaganda is strong today. Wikileaks got in touch with the US Embassy trying to get the US to redact important information that would put lives at risk. The US refused to even talk about the documents, much less try and do damage control and “save lives” if it was such a huge risk.

Article here

Am I alone here in smelling the bullshit?

The Wikileaks website is supposedly being DoS’s (Denial Of Service) by a patriot hacker known as th3j35t3r using his tool XerXes. Now, I haven’t really heard much about this but it’s plausible. Patriot hackers are known in countries like China and cause massive damage if aimed correctly. I’m sure th3j35t3r is a nice guy, supposedly an ex marine back from the war. I can get behind the idea of DoSing jihadist websites, however to go after Wikileaks is cowardly. It is in direct conflict with free speech.

Shame on you, patriot. Wave your little flag any harder and it may break. The US was given a chance to redact information from the leaked documents beforehand, time and time again. Your beloved government refused. Ever heard the saying “Don’t shoot the messenger”?

Aside from that, the information is out there and it won’t be stopped now.

Cable torrent and this is just one of many. You can’t stop the dissemination of this information. Mirror after Mirror will pop up and unless you used a distributed attack you can’t take it all down. And you most certainly can’t take it all down at once.

I am, like always, disappointed in my government for this massive disdain for information and freedom of speech. And now, we have idiots calling for Wikileaks to be labelled a “foreign terrorist organzation”. We are treading a very slippery path here. If we are to deem a website and it’s founders terrorists for speech (and yes journalism is protect speech in the US) what is stopping us from turning into Nazi Germany?

Article Here

“An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.” ~ Adolph Hitler

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One Response to Random Hate: US Propaganda against Wikileaks.

  1. James Green says:

    I don`t think you are the only person who notices that the many comments coming from the State Department and mainstream media outlets are designed to take attention away from the content of the material that has been released. But that is their job, to delude the public. We cannot expect them to tell the truth. They know that the majority of people understand what is happening. They study public opinion. They have to destroy the messenger to make an example of him in order to prevent others from doing the same in the future. In the name of national security our constitutional rights are being eroded more and more, to the point where we are living in a police state.

    The needs of the poor and the marginalized are suppressed or ignored in order to enrich the few, and so a police state is required to prevent people from fighting back against that. We don`t have the kind of organizations in the States which offer alternatives for people, such as exist in Europe. In England, France and Greece people are in the streets fighting back. This anger in the US needs to develop into an organized and sustained social movement.

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